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Let me guess… what do you lack? Motivation?

When do you lack it… NOW, today, always? I get it, I know the score. Busy days fly by and intentions to exercise fly alongside. There is always tomorrow? The occasional super-woman makes progress with fitness under her own steam, the vast majority need a guiding hand and a gentle, regular slap on the butt cheek.

As long as you view exercise as something you have to add to your day, like some kind of dreaded chore and don’t simply integrate it, you’ll never have time. None of us have time. I don’t have time. I understand that you rarely make yourself the priority. It’s ironic though because a fitter, healthier, mentally stronger ‘you’ serves everyone best.

I also realise this. Every day that you don’t move enough, you give yourselves over to the harshest master of time – the ageing process. You allow muscles to weaken, joints to stiffen, balance to go belly up. Most likely, you gain weight, pound by pound, year by year, it creeps on. You ignore it for a while, invest in super squishy underwear to hide the wobbly bits and before you know it, you’ve lost all faith in your body regaining strength and tone? You just are who you are. Really?

Let me help you.

Our KFS community is kind and supportive. Bikini bodies are not what we aim for, strong, capable bodies are. Better posture, core strength, tone and as a little icing on the cake, an extra sprinkling of self esteem. What we want is to be functionally fit, to have faith in our bodies. To take on the day with ease and not end it with aches and pains or survive it through a fog of lethargy.

Let me help you. I’ll show you how to do short and effective bursts of exercise without needing an hour out and a shower. All the little pieces add up! I’ll keep you motivated and show you how to stop making exercise the one thing you know you should do but don’t each day, and just do it! Trust me, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve! You’ll be delighted at how resilient and empowered you begin to feel.

Am I speaking to you?

Come and join a community of women who are simply not prepared to pay the high price of living
inactive lives! A supportive, compassionate group of women – daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts,
grandmothers, carers, who share lots of the same challenges with exercise. Fun loving women who
love life, are grateful for their health and want to enhance it – to enjoy it to the max!

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You will have an initial, private 20 minute consultation with me via Skype. I want to meet you!


You will have password protected access to my exercise routines all in high quality, easy to follow videos. These will be available for a range of capabilities and progressed at intervals.


Join me for a weekly class on Facebook Live or the Zoom webinar platform.


I will support you with information via email and by newsletter so that we can explore various aspects of exercise and keep learning.


You will be part of a members only Facebook group where I will provide daily motivation and over time, nurture a strong community of women on a mission to get the most of out life.

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